Blueberry Bups

Son, I'm back to writing to you. With Blueberry Willow dot com in place now, all my personal house blogging can be done separately, as it should be. And here, I'll only store the little parts of this journey that belong to you.

You and your Dad and I have been doing some planning about what we'd like our Blueberry home to look like when we are in it. We've also been dreaming and planning about all the things we'd like to do outside of it once we are there and able to afford the time and cost of traveling together. 

You have very strong and specific interests in both areas. There are places you would not like to travel to, and many places you absolutely light up at the mention of. England, California, and Australia being of your top picks. 

Where design is concerned, you love minimalism and the rich and famous look. Silver, gold, crystal. You want white couches and walls, and rugs, and blankets, and tables... 

Do you remember this blue bowl?

One day you and I were in the store, and I was looking for some small bowls...

you picked this one up and were admiring it in awe. 
I was surprised you liked it and asked if it was what you thought I should get. 
You told me that it would not fit with the style of our home, 
but that it would fit with the style of your own home one day.

That was when you started to share with me that you love the look of lavish.

When we started talking about how your bedroom and living space in the Blueberry home should look, you wanted nothing else. 

One day, when I peeked on craigslist to see about getting a chandelier for your downstairs space at Blueberry, I found the exact one we liked, locally, for $25! We bought it the next morning and it's packed up and ready to go.

While we aren't planning to go all "MC Hammer" (who was a rapper who went broke spending all his money on expensive things including a gold plated toilet), we are going to incorporate some of your fitting style preferences into our new house design.

Having prefaced with all of that, I'm not a huge rummage sale goer. I do appreciate the nature of it all. But I'm a purger, so shopping peoples' discarded doesn't usually add up for me.

This particular day was our village rummage sale, and I was avoiding it like the plague. On my way home from somewhere I was scoping things out, recognizing that more now than ever I'd have no business at a rummage sale. I'm trying to sell and give away over half of what we own before we finish packing!

But there was one sign I kept seeing. Not all that distinct from the others, and nothing about it was familiar. But I could not stop the feeling that there must be something there for the new house that God really wanted me to have. Eventually, I obliged. 

As much as I imagined it was for me, whatever God had in store that would be so dear to my heart, I was even more pleased to discover that it was actually something for you. Something specific and just right... 

Beautiful, old crystal and silver platters. Real, and amazing! I paid just a few dollars each for these things, and there were SO many options it was hard for me to choose. I even found a HUGE set of Oneida silverware that fits this style so much better than the heavy, thick, contemporary stuff we had. 

I'm so grateful to God for you, Ezekiel. Your interest in these details at such a young age might surprise other people, but not those who know you well. It falls right inline with how intricately involved you are in everything you do. Nothing passes by you without your valuable consideration. Not the words you speak to your friends, or the way your friends chose to behave. Not your plans for the day or for your future. What you put in your body, where you put your energy and efforts, how you invest in the people around you... it's amazing to watch you process and chose so intentionally. You are amazing to me.  

I hope these shiny, rich little accents we get to have with us at our Blueberry house make you feel half as special as you are. I'm enjoying these exciting (and a little scary) days of planning and dreaming of Blueberry along side of you. 

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