love to read

I was quite surprised when you asked me for the ipad
NOT to play Angry Birds...

but to read Mouse and the Motorcycle!!!
Does it get cuter?


 When we got home from a day of errands including a library stop
you couldn't wait to dig into the books!
You just sat right down next to the bag of them
and got to reading. :)

Then there's always this:

Random (sometimes strange) reading spots.
Why sit when you're young and strong?

All that reading only enhances your writing ability.
This is a card you brought me for your "hair cutter"
after having your hair cut a couple weeks ago. :)

I love it all.
Especially the you part.

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  1. Wow! How encouraging to see a youngster who is so into reading. Imagine...wanting an ipad to read! This is fantastic! Clearly, you're doing something right. :)