Nin-jer Cat & the Cooking Monster

We play Nin-jer Cat vs. the Cooking Monster 
(Nin-jer being your innocent pronunciation for a word 
that you don't have any experience with) 

Tonight I told you the Cooking Monster was going to chop 
the Nin-jer Cat if he didn't go brush his teeth. 
For some reason you found that to be so hilarious 
that you almost laughed yourself unconscious. 

You were shaking your head SO hard to stop yourself from laughing... 
and then when you finally stopped you took a huge breath 
and started to scold me. 

"Mom, you can't do that to me. I need to breathe. 
I almost couldn't breathe at all! I could die like that."

Needless to say, then I was the one laughing uncontrollably.
You really crack me up sometimes.

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  1. Have I said how cute your young man is? Just the cutest. That's all.