Your Bedroom Makeover

I wanted something more "you", and you had Hot Wheels in mind.
I couldn't have agreed more.

You were dreaming of blue and lime green, like your first room.
We added a grey wall to save us from too much crayola blue:

(a terrible picture, but you get the idea)

You asked for a wall of Hot Wheel's flames:

(photo from the internet)

So we painted over this:

drew the outline in chalk:

and flames it is!

You wanted the Hot Wheel's banner on another wall:

but I thought it would be best to use (removable) canvas.

So we spent a day painting together.

ALL day.

(photo from the internet)

I changed the car in my painting to your FAVORITE 
Hot Wheels car, the green Twin Mill III.

(still not finished at 6:00p)

You have wanted your bunk bed converted to a single bed for months:

You decided when you saw the flames that you wanted to move
the bed across the room to the cool wall:

We moved the fish tank across the room to the other side as well,
hung the new drapes, the art, your clock, and voila:

Your awesome Hot Wheels Room Makeover! 
Finally, over.


  1. It looks great! You are very talented. :)

  2. it looks INCREDIBLE!!!!!!