You were tiny once. Tiny in my hands, in your bouncer, in your onsie. 

You used to fit in the kitchen sink to play. 

You toddled around, little.

You looked up with big, unknowing, trusting eyes. 

You were so small it took you longer and sweeter even to blink. 

You chewed like you were little. 

Your fingers were stubby and so much fun to watch navigate the new-to-you world. 

Your voice was tiny. 

Your shoes and socks fit on my two fingers. 

You sat in a backward facing car seat, and until today, always a five point harness. 

You rode in the front of shopping carts. 

You checked with me before... everything. You weren't so sure. 

You held the wall when you walked down stairs, 
and startled a little before you turned to look at something loud or fast. 

You didn't care if I put you in jeans and nikes, 
or if your hair product dried like glue or not. 

You didn't say, "i can do it myself".

You didn't bring me letters that read, 
"com to my pijama perty at 5:40. bring your pijemas". 

We couldn't lay together talking for hours at night. 
You didn't know enough to tell me what you thought of 
life, death, dreams, stars, God, me or yourself.

You couldn't have been left at home alone if I walked across the street to visit the neighbor. 

You didn't make your own breakfast if I wasn't out of bed when you woke.

You couldn't read the Bible to me in the mornings. 

You didn't chose your worship songs or ask me what they meant.

You never washed windows or emptied dishwashers or fed pets 
or started and finished your own showers or recorded your own shows on TV 
or figured out how to call someone back on a cell phone 
or picked out your own clothes 
or ordered your kiddie cocktails at the bar in restaurants... 

You just weren't this big and ready and full of ideas and plans. 

But you have always been my baby boy,
and you always will be.

And today, you are six years old!!!

Six years ago began the best years of our lives.

We are so grateful to God for you. 

Happy Birthday Big Boy. 

I can't wait to see what He has for us this year! 

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