The Magic Garden - Elf Nights Four & Five

 Yesterday morning, we found Spark Fredo
on the stove top with a Magic Garden Kit.  

Excited to learn what might grow in our new magic garden, 
you got right to planting!

The magic soil was the most fun (messy) part. 

When you finished pouring it into the bed,
you went to the drawer looking for a tool.

The seeds were tasty.

The fertilizer was all over the kitchen once you got done tilling it in.

At the end of your planting you did the sweetest thing.
You leaned your ear close to the surface of the garden and you listened. 
Then you lifted your head in surprise to tell me you could HEAR it growing! :)

All day, off and on, you would run to check your garden. 
You even said you thought something was growing once in awhile.

Of course, by the morning, the garden had 
burst into these delicious little star cookies.

You wouldn't even let me put them in the cookie jar. 
You insisted on pulling each one you ate
directly from the garden throughout the day. 

So sweet.

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