Our Christmas was awesome.

We were together, with Uncle Tony,
at our own house.

The gifts were piled up under the tree,
some from family and friends on Christmas Eve,
and some from your Dad and me on Christmas day.

You and your Dad spoiled me with some very special gifts. 
Things I will hold dear all my life and never forget.

You loved opening your gifts.

Of course, there were cats,

and bristle blocks (per your request),

more sea monkeys, and some awesome new 
prehistoric sea monsters you can grow yourself!

And more cats!

But among everything you received there was one 
thing that was surely your favorite...

FINALLY, you got your Nerf guns!

You LOVE them, and all their amo,
and the vest Uncle got you to go with them.

We love them too.

You may never know how special it was
for us to all be together this Holiday.

Together, was the best way we could have possibly been.

And your Dad and I got just what we hoped for this Christmas. 


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