Family Christmas Gathering

Again, not too many photos of this event.

We had our Christmas gathering with the Robinson family.

It was nice for your Dad and I to see our cousins, 
now that everyone is spread out and moved away.

It was especially nice for you and your new cousin Evan
to have some time alone together to get to know each other,
one on one.

Much to our surprise and delight, you were inseparable.
Evan and his sister Abby, are SUCH nice kids, 
and we're so glad to welcome them to our family. 

You, of course, wanted to go home to Nanna's with Evan
to play some more. 
So, we agreed to let you sleep over there,
while your Dad and I went out for the night with 
your Aunt Kim and new Uncle Chad.

It was so nice to be with our family.

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