For Christmas, Uncle Tony bought you your first 
hex nano habitat and two nano bugs. 
Well, you are crazy about them. 
You love building the habitat different ways, 
opening and closing the different gates, 
and providing obstacles for the bugs. 

You are very frugal with your money. 
You can see something you want in the store and think about getting it. 
Then you will see the price... it can be $7, 
and you will not buy it because you don't want to spend "that much. 
For this reason have saved up over $300 
of allowance and gift money in the past six months. 

After you got your Nano stuff, you came to your Dad and I 
and presented your plan for savings, giving, and spending 
of the money in your bank. 
Then you asked if we could go to the store so you could buy 
more to add on to your nano collection. 
We were shocked! 

The next day you spent $117 on habitats, bugs, and extra batteries.
Unbelievable! I was kind of proud of you for using 
some of your money for yourself, for once. 
And I am happy that you found something that you really love to play with. 

You have played with your nanos for hours everyday. 
You have had Henry and Jaymee over to play with them, too.

And Apple can not get enough of watching those bugs wiggle around in their home. 
She lays on the floor by them with you every time. 

Honestly, I've seen these bugs in the store before 
and I thought they were kind of silly.

Who would have thought!?

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  1. Wow, what a cool set up! :) And APPLE!!!! That last photo is hilarious!

    Love, Pam