Out with the Old, in with the New!

I was sure getting tired of last year.

This year I am glad to be saying good bye to the end of 2011 and hello to 2012. It isn't always that the new year comes with a new and better start, but thankfully, that's how things are working out for us this year; spiritually, physically, personally, schedule- and surrounding-wise.

We came into 2012, back home from vacation with a week of new things waiting for us. We begin by coming out of our month off and heading into our three months on for homeschool. We have some fun boy things we'll be studying first, like stars, the sun, volcanoes, and planets.

We also have a new babysitter!!! A very sweet 16 year old girl who lives near us, AND can drive! :) 
Her family is wonderful, and she has a younger sister who is ready to start shadowing her to learn the ropes and take the reigns herself sometime in the future! 
This is a HUGE blessing for us. We have not trusted you to young sitters (other than cousin Cassie), but now that you are older we have been cautiously on the lookout for one. We are so excited to have the chance to go out alone and with our friends, without kids.

Yesterday we took your bed out of your room and moved your house from our school area into the space where your bed was. Considering that you play and sleep in it still, we thought it would be a good new place for it. 

Also with the new year we are getting new flooring. This weekend is the installation of hardwoods throughout the main floor of the house. So there will be no more "take off your shoes" or "wipe down the dog!" or "don't bring that wild animal in the house!"

In preparation for this I have emptied, washed down, purged and reorganized every square inch of the main floor. It feels like a good spring cleaning. Fresh and new!

In a couple weeks, Sarita will be starting a new school schedule at semester. We will be picking her up at 12:30 everyday, so she will be able to have a little break, finally, and spend much more time with us at home.

We've also discovered new ways to make a few tasks more convenient and less time consuming in our days. I'm looking forward to filling my extra time with more enjoying you and Sarita, training Apple, and getting back to card making and writing.  

There are a couple more new things happening around here, but I don't want to spoil all the surprises, so I will leave it at this. 

I'm very happy to be past the last season of our life. 
God is so Faithful, and He does make good of all things for those who love Him. 

I'm happy for you that your schedule, home, and Mama are all getting a bit of a face lift right now. :)


I love you so much!

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