January Recap

I so want to write in here more often for you, but it's just not happening. Someday.

In the meanwhile, it's summaries in short with photos from the month, again.

First things first, 

those crazy cute things you say:

* "What is wrong with you, woman!?"

* I fixed the light above the stove and yelled, "yes! it's so nice to have a man like me around when mine's at work!" you said, "all men like to do is play video games and open jars for people like you."

* I was laying on you, squishing and tickling and chewing, when I heard you squeak, "LORA! Don't lay on your food!" 

* I told you that if he wanted to have a cookie you would of course need to eat your veggies first. You said, "um... mom, can i discard one celery? because it's in my ketchup."

* You were in the house, in red sunglasses, gloves, and a scarf, with both dogs on leashes. You snuck up to me and said, "We spies are crazy! We hide the money and eat the key. Gruff!"

* I took out the juicer and some oranges this morning and you said, "mom, can i just have a glass of milk? I really love you, but i don't like 'not processed' orange juice."

* "I know people think I look all nice, but actually, inside, I am hard core."

me: i think this is paint on your pants.
you: it's okay. we have oxy clean.
me: oxy clean is not going to get this out.
you: mom, you don't have to, but i BELIEVE in oxy clean.

you: I'm thinking about running away.
me: Well, I'd call uncle Tony for some pointers first. Do your research.
you: I already have some pointers. First -only run away in the summer. Second -bring candy. Third -pack clothes and pajamas, but mostly pajamas... and hot dogs. See, I know what to do, Mom.
me: Sounds like you've got everything covered.

I made a list on the chalkboard, like I often do.
Later I noticed that you made a list on the chalkboard too.
So sweet, it read:
watch a show
play cars
hex bugs (a toy you love)
ice cream

We've been having some fun with food art.
We mostly always make cats,
because of course, you are still entirely and completely
ALL about CATS! :) 

And Apple.
The two of you have been getting very close
and you are doing a great job of training her for you.

You made your own ice cream for the first time.

At the beginning of the month you helped me 
rip the floors out of the house. 

You love to do any kind of demolition
or construction.

The house was TORE up for about a week.

The installers worked quickly and had the new 
hardwoods in within a couple of days.

That part was kind of fun
and chaotic.

But it was after the floors were in that we 
really had it rough.

Everything had to be repainted because of
the way the base molding came out.

Replacing the base molding was NOT fun,
easy, or clean.

Because we didn't expect it to take so much 
to put the house back together,
we didn't take time off of school for it.

It was a couple of weeks that I've blurred out 
and I'd rather not remember. :)

And although it's not completely finished,
thankfully, the floors turned out to be well worth it.

Now we don't have to worry about shoes,
food, dogs, kids, or the occasional 
wild animal that makes its way into our house
ruining any carpeting. :)

Your Dad and I took you to the Science show in GB.

It was really cool. 

You loved it. 

You love science. 

You got to spend lots of time with Jay in January.

She visited on weekends while Aunt Julie trained
up the street with Uncle Jeff. 

The two of you are as close as ever. 

Sarita enjoyed having TWO little ones around.

She spent HOURS playing with you,
making you into kittens, 
and then being the Mama cat for you.

Also, this month was your introduction to karate.

We've attended a couple of different places, 
but we are still working out exactly what and where 
we want to learn. 

I can't even explain what karate is to you.
So much to my surprise (and hesitation)
you really seem to have found your thing. 

And even more to my surprise, 
it's sparked the renewing of my own interest
in bringing me back to my history with karate. 
I am looking forward to training alongside you
like my Dad did with me. 

GRA surprised you with a visit this month!

She showed up at your karate class one night, 
when you didn't even know she was coming!

The two of you had a wonderful time together.

Other than when you made cookies,
I barely saw either one of you. 

You played

and played

and endlessly played.
That Gra can really play!!!

We're not sure why, but this month your cat, Mia,
has been much more present than usual.

She comes upstairs on her own during the day
to hang out with you. 

You couldn't be more pleased with this.

Other January news consists mostly of the weather.
We have enjoyed an extremely mild winter,
during which we've had very little snow
and lots of sunshine and mild temperatures.

The ice on the lakes and ponds haven't frozen.
The fountains are still running!
And many annual winter events 
have been canceled for the first time ever
due to not enough snow or ice.

It's been kind of nice. :)

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