The Quarry

You and I went to this place years ago.

It was just days before we were to meet
and bring Yuki home from her breeders.

You were three, and looking at it now
I'm surprised I let you wander, climb
and slide like I did, so young. 

Gra and Pepere were with us this time.

It was fun to walk and explore with them.

You, of course, loved the sandy hills.

We took advantage of the setting 

to get some good photos. 

We haven't really taken good photos of 
you with Gra and Pepere in a long time,
if ever.

It was fun.

Pepere took this photo of himself before
he took out picture for us.

This is the same place you and I 
took our picture three years earlier.

You were quite a bit smaller and
so I had to squat down like this
to get my face by your face.

Though, not anymore. ;)

You just keep growing and growing...

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