Growing in the Rain

Sometimes the rain comes gentle and soft.

We don't even know it happened until we notice
the ground is wet and
things are a little deeper in color.

We breath it in and praise God.

Sometimes the rain falls hard and steady
and we're not quite sure when 
the torrents will have their fill.

We hold on 
and praise God.

Sometimes the thunder crashes and jolts us awake
in the night with flashes of light exposing the darkness.

We let go
and let God.

You've awakened me to gratitude like I never knew before you.
You've inspired me not to hide but to run out and jump in.
You're teaching me not to think about wet or dry or what's coming next.
To take it all in and accept the inevitable change and growing.

Rain or shine
I praise God for you
and this good good life He's given us. 

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