First Real Race

Gra and Pepere are here for a visit and...

This weekend you ran in your first official race.

I made shirts for Gra, your Dad, and myself. 

You wanted them all to say "Go Zeek Go",
nothing more, nothing different, nothing less." 

The event was very special. 
It was in honor of Pfc. Marine Ryan Jerabek who was killed in action 
during Operation Iraqi Freedom in 2004.

The memorial was beautiful. 

When the tribute was finished, everyone got on their marks.

You were a little nervous about who would 
be watching you along the sidelines.

But you had Pepere by your side the entire time,
so you went in brave and without hesitation. 

There were soldiers who ran in formation.
Some even with combat boots and 30lb. packs on their backs.

It was very emotional.
(for me, anyway)

I was so proud when you and Pepere came to the finish line
more than 10 minutes earlier than I expected you to.
You ran your last 3.1 mi practice in only 7 minutes
less than this extra mile run!

You weren't even tired.

You looked so cute!

Pepere smiled proudly at you, too. 

He was so happy to have run your first real race with you.

You were ready for food and drink!

People congratulated you for a job well done.

You had muffins, bananas, and water.

It was a beautiful morning, 
a very special occasion for a special cause, 
and a great start to your racing days!

Pfc Ryan Jerabek Memorial Challenge 2012

4 Mile Run/Walk

August 11, 2012 
Number of Finishers:628
Number of Females:258
Number of Males:370
Average Time:40:46
Zeek Lebreck
bib number:248

overall place:492 out of 628
division place:4 out of 4
gender place:293 out of 370

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  1. Such great memories of such a special bonding time! LOVE IT! Mom/Gra