A Day to Remember

Today, I don't want to forget:

how you did school so well, and I'm pretty sure I learned more than you. 

how your dad was home with his second round of the cold he gave me that I can't seem to shake. So, at noon we ate lunch, and then we let you play minecraft while he snuggled me and watched a movie and I napped. 

how you got a "Paper Pumpkin" card making craft kit in the mail from Gra, and you and I had the nicest, easiest, most conveniently fun time creating them after dinner. 

how during dinner we all watched another Little House on the Prairie together. 

how you and I played Playmobil, and my people had dinner with the campers across the river. the way they hit it off and are going to build some furniture, go fishing, and have dinner together again tomorrow. how one family will buy a puppy from your pet store, and how your son is going off to warrior school for two weeks! :)

how we decluttered your room, cleaned your fish tank fresh, replaced all the light bulbs as dimly as we could, and started a new (hopefully successful) night routine to help you fall asleep better. 

how I will stamp the date and write a brief line of todays memorable moments to read next year on our new memories calendar, and then I will climb into bed next to your sleepy daddy for more snuggles and a show before we pass out for the night. 

how I love you and our little sweet family so much. 

I love you Zeek. 

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