Good Day - Fun Play

Today, you are having such a good day. Your mood and attitude are amazing. You're positive, fun, dedicated, kind, honoring (even when I asked you to empty the dishwasher), friendly and cute!

You've been diligently plugging through school for five hours now, with only one 20 minute break for lunch. You're having fun and even adding your own things to your studies (i.e: can we look up bats and Ibis? can I do Fire Typer - after your typing lesson)  I'm not sure what is up but I wish I knew what determines that you have such a day. I'd make it happen more often.

Yesterday, you started rehearsals for the play you were recruited into. Miss Teresa, the director of The Best Christmas Pageant Ever, with Evergreen (our top local theater production co.), thought you would be perfect for the part of a student named Hobie in the play. 

You just asked me a couple months ago if you could be in another play. Your last one was years ago when you played the Cheshire Cat in Alice and Wonderland through the YMCA. So, when this opportunity came up we were grateful for it. 

Your first rehearsal was adorable. There are lots of kids, from about your age to high school students. You all had introductions, a lesson in projection, warmups and a full read through of the script. It was awesome. I'm so proud of you. And the first thing you said to me when it was over was that you wish you had even MORE LINES!!! Shocked me out of my shoes. This is not like you at all. We'll seeeeee!

Your rehearsals are twice a week for an hour and a half each day. The studio happens to be right next to a scrapbook and card making store/workshop. So, I will be toggling between having dinner out with your Dad (who works about a mile from your rehearsals and gets out of work just as you begin) and making cards with the ladies during your rehearsals. Your Dad and I love a little alone-time-date-night, and I could sure use some mama-hobby-time, too! Perfect all the way around. 

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