Eighth Birthday

You asked to go to the Tundra Lodge again this year for your Birthday. We went for your sixth as well, and you loved it. We decided that you could bring more friends this time, because we weren't going to stay the night. You selected Jaymee, Zach and Logan. No surprises there. :)
Uncle Tony also joined us for the day.

You decided you didn't want a cake this year. You just wanted Smart Cow.

Knowing that you would all need to eat, we started the day at Moe's (your favorite restaurant). You all ate lunch, and then we headed over to Smart Cow, where we had ice cream.

Finally, we went to the Tundra Lodge. It was a super fun time. I wore earplugs, which proved to make a much more pleasant experience in the long run. Something about that giant water bucket that dumps all that water ever 2 minutes...

I kicked out your Uncle Tony and your Dad a couple hours in. There was no reason for us all to sit there the whole day. They went to our house to play video games. :)
I plowed through a ton of photos I needed to edit for work.

Around 7:30pm we packed up and headed out. Logan's parents came and got him, we dropped Jay off at home on the way by, and Zach came home with us where Aunt Pam came and picked him up around 8:30.

They stayed to watch you open all your gifts as we also skyped with Gra and Pepere. You got every Playmobil thing you asked for, including the mansion and all the furniture. You got your first real knife and sheath from your Dad. And you got the fort builders that Jaymee has, which you love.

The day was a success. You are eight! 
Good night. 

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