Last night Zeek made dinner for the first time - Tater Tot Casserole. He did a great job, and we are looking forward to him cooking more meals. 

School has been going so very well. The wall chart system of checking off classes as they are done has been working best for us.

We're doing even more extra reading - Poems, an excellent Easter Advent story, Usborn Educational books, and a story about a knight name Sir Farts A Lot who's trying to defeat a booger. That's what I've heard anyway - Greg is reading that one to him.

We found a Language Arts program that we really like. While we've cooled off a bit with Institute for Excellence in Writing - just for the purpose of slowing down and not being so intense about 2nd/3rd  grade - it's been harder supplementing daily lessons off the internet and of our own random materials. It's nice to have direction and see some good solid learning and progression at an age appropriate level. 

We also recently ordered the Science program from the same company. Although, we own at least four different Science curriculums right now, none of them quite hit the nail on the head for our learning or life style and preference. Hopefully, this new program will be as fulfilling as the LA. 

Right now, we are loving school like never before. I am actually disappointed we don't do it on the weekends, and I am not looking forward to not having a full school day in the summer. We didn't even take a Spring Break week.

We did have a Spring Break Day, in which Jaymee (who was on her real Spring Break from school) joined us early on a Friday. We went to TL for breakfast. Then we went to the Muppet Show Movie. Then we went to Sir Bounce A lots. And finally, Smart Cow for ice cream. 

It was a super fun day, but I sadly noted that these "kids" aren't loving the Auntie/Mom escort to a day of fun the same way they have in past years. I'm now the nerdy parent who shouldn't talk or make any sudden movements around them. They don't want anyone to know they're with me. They roll their eyes and look sideways at me. Soon, I will be escorting them to the front doors of their fun days out, allowed only to pick them up and drop them off at their next destination. 

It's Crazy how grown they are and how they don't want or like me to be in the picture one single bit. 

Well, maybe a tiny bit, still.

We had R&E's new puppy, Duke, for the past week while they were on vacation. 

It was a lot having four dogs, although, he is very sweet and nice to have. After I brought him back to their house last night Frank seemed really sad. Poor guy. He really liked having a pup around. 

I'll have to make up for it with LOTS and LOTS of snuggle time. Don't mind if I do! 

Yuki finally had surgery on her teeth a week ago. She's doing SO well. She had three extractions and a full cleaning done. 

Now, she lays around with the other dogs on floors rather than curling up (no doubt to protect her hurting mouth) on the couches and beds. She's initiating wrestling matches, playing and having fun on her own throughout the days. She's much more comfortable. It's kind of sad that we didn't even know she was in so much pain all the time. We're very glad she's not anymore.

There are more things going on. Like a leak in the foundation of the house, all thanks to this terribly record-cold winter. And Ralph the Mouse's incredible miracle story. And Zeek's writing and lego building. And all our camping preparation and excitement. And the video game we're creating with Tony. And of course, more on our adoption journey progress. 

But I'll have to use that list to compile more posts in the future. For now I'm off to work out and read before everyone wakes up for the day. More coming soon. 

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