The Joy Project

This week I read about the joy project -
a collaboration of photographs by one mom
capturing the memories of her home, family, and life
just as it is.

It really moved me and opened my eyes.
Her photographs are inspiring.

Years ago I stopped taking so many photos at home.
I decided I'd rather have a mental memory of the real thing
than regretful memories of missing out to "set the stage" for taking pictures of our fun.

Ginger, of the joy project shows things differently.
She capitalizes in leaving things just so, 
taking incredible photographs, proving that true can be messy
and messy is worth savoring.

Thanks to all of this I'm giving it another shot. 

(Some mornings, he stays in his room and plays the guitar his Dad gave him. Plugged into the little amplifier he strums the strings and experiments with the sounds he can make. Coming from rock bands ourselves, we both love the sounds of this coming from overhead.)

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