Home'sCool Room

So, we didn't plan to do this, but in the last week before school starts
you and I decided it would be cool to create a Homeschool room 
in the extra half of the basement living area that is empty. 

With a little work and VERY little money, we have put together 
what will be the cutest little school room we've ever had. 

I was able to use almost the entire dry erase board on the wall.

And little odds and ends we've had in storage that I loved and bought 
and never quite found a place for in our home yet. 

We have the couch and tv area to watch your 
DVD lessons, Netflix, Amazon, or Youtube for classes. 

And our piano fits perfectly in the nook. 
The bathroom and school book storage is all right down here. 
Even your computer in the computer room. 

You painted a chair and picked out some fabric you'd like for the seat. 
And I brought down the Chalkboard topped table from the bridge
(which wasn't being used anymore)

I'm getting closer and closer to having everything ready,
with the room, the syllabuses, and all the rest of the preparations.
I'm so excited to get started!!!
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