You played soccer all summer, and we were really proud of you
for your sportsmanship, dedication, and attitude. 

We enjoyed the games. They were relaxing and a good time 
to sit with friends and cheer on our kids in a sport. 

You were going to play soccer again for Fall, 
but your buddy Dax convinced you to join flag football, 
and even though I'd already signed you up and paid for 
the fall soccer season, I would gladly switch you to football
(which is what I'd been secretly hoping for all along)

You had your first practice today, and it is AWESOME!
We saw that it is kind of a Dad thing for practices during the week, 
because I was the only Mom there.
In the future I will hang back home while you and you Dad do this together. 

But I have to say, I couldn't be more excited! 
You are SUCH a football player kind of guy.
 Your coach is amazing, and your teammates seem
really sound, encouraging, and actually pretty skilled as well. 

Football. Now THAT'S is what I'm talking about.

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