My Kinda Morning!

We had a serious thunder storm a couple weeks ago, when a tree came down 
just in front of the shop, stretching about 90 feet across the driveway, 
into the yard, and past one of our fire pits.

I had big dreams of taking out my new chain saw and cutting it up myself. 
Little did I know what a solid tree it was, and how much strength
it would take to see it though to the end.

I was so grateful to have Greg to do the heavy work.

Ezekiel got to use his new axe to cut off the branches, and 
help haul the wood to the new pile we started under the deck for winter. 

This was a dream morning for me. Truly.  
It may sound weird, but there is nothing I like more than moving wood. 

To me, this pile represents strong hard team work, prosperity, victory
and success. Just beautiful. 

We did a ton of yard work afterward too. 
That storm kicked up quite the mess. 

It was only right for us to each shower, 
then go to our favorite breakfast spot to reward ourselves for all our labor. 

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