Horsey Auntie

We went to my Auntie Judy's in IL this week!

The drive was beautiful.
When we pulled up to her new house, your jaw dropped. 
It's a pretty spectacular place she's got! 

After a tour of the estate we loaded up her horses 
and were off to the park for a trail ride. 
(You were a little worried about riding again)

Auntie Judy got you all set up, 
gave you quick little reminder lesson, 
and we were off!

We really didn't know what to expect, 
since we've never been here before.

It was SO much fun!

You got comfy fast, and did a great job.

We rode for about four hours.

It was so cool for me to be riding for the first time
my with "Horsey Auntie". 

We had lots of good conversation and enjoyed the horses.

Back at the house we went swimming in the heated pool!
With Bandit, the dog!
You especially liked that part.

But more than anything you loved Mr. Nutter Butter. 
You even asked, no BEGGED, me to let you take him home. 

You also asked if I would buy you another horse.

You're SO cute.

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