Summer Friend Time

This summer you spent a good amount of time with friends. 

Especially Zach, of course. 

The two of you have become the best of friends,
and we couldn't be happier for it.

You don't just gravitate toward any or everyone.
You are quite cautious and selective about who you will spend your time with.
I surely appreciate that!

You could win an award for picking this guy, though. 
I've been loving him since the day he was born.
He's a great person for you to grow up next to.
You're blessed to have each other. 

Another life long bestie of yours is Jaymee Glynn.
Don't even. I can NOT get over how grown you kids are getting!

They had us over for a few swimming days, 
and as usual, our time together was relaxing and enjoyable.
I love catching up and pigging out with them!

You didn't get to see Courtney as much as you do during the school year,
but you did get to fish and hang at your favorite park early on.
We will see them much more now that summer break is ending.

You had a ton of sleep overs at Aunt Pam's and Uncle Curt's. 
With and without the Cousin Clan. 

Pretty much anytime you two could get to scheming
a way to have a sleepover party, 
the more the merrier, 
you did. :)

And no one ever complained once for it. 

We're so grateful that this family has embraced us 
as their own, and they ours, from day one. 

Zach and Elijah came to our church a few times, 
and now it looks like Zach and Nick are going to 
join you at Catalyst on Wednesdays for the school year!

Zach came here a lot too this summer. A LOT. 
Well, he came a lot during the school year last year too, 
and I suspect it will not be any different this year. 
(Elijah even came one time)

And we had our picnics in the park on several Wednesdays
with Dax, Laken, Jack, Alyssa, and sometimes Payton. 

These are more my friends than yours, 
but you sure don't mind spending a little lunch and play time
catching up with them now and then. :) 

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