NC '16

Yeah we did.
You, me, Apple, Hoots and Coonie… 

We piled in the blue Pilot and busted out the 15+ hour 
roadtrip to Gastonia, NC, in ONE day!

For real. 

Once at Gra and Pepere's we did a whole lot of THIS.

Day and night, just the way I like it. 

We got to see my Dad.

And stay in the top a five star hotel.

The breakfast was ridiculous 
-ly awesome. 

Overall you were a little board hanging with me and my Dad
on the docks all day long. (So much talking)

So the second day we went to the aquarium…

And then I let you stay home with Gra
so me and my Dad could hang out, side by side, 
in REAL LIFE! :)

Gra taught you how to dive! 
And you got to play plenty of your games with Zach online.

There was no cookie baking, but we had incredible pizza
that I miss almost everyday. 

One of my favorite memories was a torrential downpour 
while Gra and I were trapped under her gazebo playing Upwords.

It was a great vacation. 
And Apple is very very grateful to be where she belongs.
He life is no longer waiting for her!

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