smaller. prettier. less.

Ezekiel asked us yesterday if we can please buy a house that is smaller, prettier, and less functional. We found that quite amusing, but at the same time, understood exactly what he meant. Yes.

Yes. Yes. Yes. 

That is what we want. 
A home with less. Less rooms to fill, clean, and maintain. Less space to live between us. Less cost and stuff, time and work. Less of all of that, and more time and space for love, laughter, learning, gathering, resting and resting. 

A prettier home. Each small space a reflection of us. Formed and created into the beautiful things we appreciate and enjoy looking at and living among...

A home not solely about form and function - not using the space because there's so much, but finding so much life in the space we have. A new place for building a new life with new memories. A frest start. Surely easier to afford, clean, and maintain.

Getting this home ready to hand off to the next owners has made me realize how easy it can be to target each room and area, making it just so - from trim and outlets, color and fixtures, style and function... With each room in this house I am getting more and more excited to get my hands on the next! 

Thank You God for all of these hopes and dreams. I can see how we can make anything into something beautiful and special to us. I am looking forward to sitting in each room with You - knowing You've known and have the foresight to guide in a way that we are unable to understand. I trust You. I love you. 


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