robot man

I posted photos on my flickr account of you creating the robot art we have hanging in the living room right now. My girlfriend Emily commented under a photo of the finished project saying,
"i LOVE it. did i tell you that i just bought all new robot bedding for theo and emmett's room? having it painted steel-y gray. this painting would go PERFECTLY... is it for sale?? xoxo" -emily

Of course, we couldn't sell the original, but we were happy to create a custom painting just for her boy's new robot-y room.

This time I did not mix or make any colors. We picked up some new colors using the photo she e-mailed me of their new bedding and a nice square canvas to work on. I painted four crooked little frames for you, set you up in your painting clothes in the place you asked to work, and let you get busy.

I video taped some of the process because you were telling the cutest stories about each robot as you were making them. I was so surprised when you decided that you would paint in the top two spaces UPSIDE-DOWN, explaining to me that once the canvas was flipped right-side-up everything would be in the right place. And you pulled it off! Genius. 

It turned out so super cute. You even stated, "Mom, you're going to have a hard time giving this away!" :) I did have to apologize ahead of time for one very grumpy little robot who "stubbed his toe on an airplane robot and stuck his suction on him". When Emily and her three boys came for a visit you presented them with their gift.

They loved it and were very happy to have a little piece of robot art from you to add to their new room.