It became evident a couple of weeks ago that there might be a problem when our friends Theo and Emmett had to have their baby brother Rubin push them in Blue Jeep on a freshly charged battery.

It was undeniable that we would need to do something about our favorite power wheel toy after Theo worked so hard to no avail under the hood to find and fix the problem. 

At first I was thinking we would just replace the battery which had probably drained over it's fourth cold winter. But with spring in the air, so many fun trails in our woods being uncovered bon-fire after bon-fire these days, and your obvious ever-growing-ness, your Dad and I decided that it just might be time to start you out on your first four wheeler!!! 

We did our research, looked at the differences between new and used, made many phone calls and a few visits to some dealerships... 
At last, we decided upon a new, 110cc, Tao-Tao ATV. 
A dorable!

Your Dad took Friday off of work, and we all went together to pick up your new ride. 

We were happy to be able to chose a cute little green camouflage body, AND that we could fit it in our Big Green Jeep to get it home. 

We got it home and your Dad went to work to get you a child sized helmet (a temporary blue one until the green one you picked comes in).   
Meanwhile, I took photos of you being cool on your four wheeler (with out it running).

I explained to you that you would have to learn how to ride, as well as wear safety gear ALWAYS, and follow a lot more rules than you ever had with your little Blue Jeep. 
You were just as respectful, tentative and cautious as you were excited. 

Finally, I drove the ATV all around our property making a note of what more and where I would have to do further clearing...

When Greg returned home I couldn't help but squirt tears (again) over how cute (and little) you looked waiting patiently in your helmet.

And of course, once you were on, your Dad never left your side. With the governor turned down so far that he had to push you up hills, he still never let go of that machine. :)

sniffle-sniffle. MY BABY!!!

Since then, you and I have worked extra hard clearing the trails in our woods, hosting the biggest fire we've ever lit in a new "pit" we created, changed the four wheeler's oil together (another first for you), filled the gas, practiced lesson after lesson with starting, steering, breaking, watching where you are going, stopping, storing and other maintenance. Such an awesome experience for you, and us.

I always feel like right before I have time to morn the loss of the last, we are venturing into a new stage that I'd better hold to fast. 

Such amazing adventures with you! You're the best!