Spring is here and I am ecstatic!

We have been taking care of the outdoors, readying it for use again.  Rolling up the screen room wall coverings, wheeling sticks and branches from the yard to the fire pit, burning, washing, clearing, organizing, and blowing the excess leaves to the surprisingly dwindled piles we made last fall. Things are coming along out there.

On Thursday night Greg and I sat out in the screen room for the first time this year. We couldn't believe how warm it was, in the high 60s at 9pm!

With all the windows and sliding glass doors open again it really feels like a whole new house... just the way it did when winter came. I feel like we left winter for our vacation home. :) I feel so blessed and spoiled all over again to be in this place.

I love being in the backyard, working the fallen wood through the fire pit, drinks, snacks, camera, kid/s and outside toys all around. I love to see the birds returning, first the big and now, finally, the smaller. I love looking back at the house and remembering how we got here. How miraculously we got here. I love taking a walk still in awe that this is our "neighborhood". I love being outside in the dark looking at the softly lit rooms through the screens of the windows and doorways. It's So Beautiful and Peaceful.

I think of Curt telling me "it doesn't get better than this" from his favorite vantage point on his property. And my similar heart's song plays in my head, "this is the way to do it."
I also can't help but look up into the sky at Him who I know is above me feeling my pleasure and joy and say things like "what are you doing?" in astonishment... and "i still can't believe this." and always, "thank You. thank You. thank You."

I'll never forget. Never.