reading alone

I thought the sound of your voice coming from the living room had a different
rhythm than that of your usual play-time noise making,
or you speaking to your pug.

I thought the sound was a little like the sound of someone reading!

This was the second time I'd seen you reading on your own. 

And the first time that you read to yourself out-loud enough to be heard. 
Such a special mile-stone for you. and me. 

When I was little I was allowed to stay awake as late as I wanted 
as long as I was in my bed, reading.
I spent countless nights reading book after book 
until I couldn't keep my eyes open.
My own Mom would buy me boxes of books at rummage sales. 
I remember those boxes being place beside my bed 
as I read through them one by one.

Last night I gave you permission to enjoy 
the very same after-bed-time reading freedoms. 
You were so excited to be set up with your beginning readers 
and your own reading lamp. 

I was so proud of you. 
After taking ample pictures...
your Dad and I sat downstairs in the living room 
listening to you sound out your stories in your room 
as you read yourself to sleep for the first time.


Every growing. Never slowing. My dear boy.