Zeek talk:

me: what would you like for breakfast?
zeek: some fiber-ish, buttery, cimenon-ish toast.
me: okay, baby. 
zeek: make sure it has a great deal of butter on it.

"This song is nerdy. And it’s not about God. I don’t like anything that’s not about God. I love God. More than anything. Even more than you."

"Mom, would you mind taking that call in the living room?"


“Mom, am I going to have to tell satan to leave every day
for the rest of my LIFE!? I’m so sick’a him.”  

You are learning that you can either tell him to go away, or you can speak a relevant scripture because Truth will trump him just the same. I reminded you about how Jesus only used scripture to combat the enemy in the desert.

Later, you were working on your memory scripture for the week when you stopped and said, “I just wish satan wasn’t alive.” As if
then you wouldn’t need to memorize Bible verses. :)

I always tell you that you are enticing me with your cuteness, and I want to crawl all over you and snuggle you up!
This morning you were standing with your back right in front of me. You turned to me wide-eyed with a smile and assured, “I’m not trying to entice you!”


The other night I asked you to put every pillow in the house back where you dragged it out from. You did not think this was fun at all, so you began yelling at me about how you didn't have to, weren't going to, expected "at least some help", etc... I ignored you through the drama repeating your least favorite words over and over, "probably so". I then explained your options and went on to ignore your combativeness leaving you a few minutes to make a decision. 

A few minutes later I noted that you must have chosen not to pick up the pillows, and explained that you were to go to your room. I told you that I was going to clean up the pillows downstairs in exchange for you hanging up and putting the pile of clean clothes by your closet away while you were up there.

As I was walking under the bridge I could hear you talking to yourself through squealy sobs. I stopped to listen with my hand covering my mouth knowing this could lead to some giggling on my behalf. You were saying the craziest stuff! Things like, 
what kind of a mother makes a child put away his own clothes? A mother should put away the clothes. Never a child! This should never happen. Not to a four year old! Who does this to their own KID!?"

Last week you told me that you wished you were never born.
You will make statements in exasperation like "My whole LIFE is going wrong!" or "Nothing in the world is right today!" 

My little drama king. 
Oh to be four. 
Ooops, sorry... four and a half.

Never a dull moment with you, dear.
Probably so. ;)