We love the wildlife sanctuary.

We love to walk and talk - visit and learn about the animals -
photograph to our hearts content...

The name Sanctuary could easily be followed by the words Rescue and Restoration 
in this natural habitat preserved and delegated to provide just that. 

And although it is clear that their focus is the wild-life, I have come here since I was a 
teenager to soak in more than my share of all three promises.

I find it significant that this is the place your Dad asked me to marry him eleven years ago.
A marriage that has proven itself right from the start to be (sometimes only following a battlefield) a Sanctuary of Rescue and Restoration.

It's funny, our church is the same way. 
Taking in mostly the injured; rescuing, restoring, and giving sanctuary.

And loving you has done and is constantly doing the same with me. 
Rescuing me from myself-my past-my faulty foundations, 
and causing me to seek sanctuary in healing, there finding restoration in God. 

It's no wonder we love the WLS.

On this week's visit, you took to this one particular goose. 
He has an injured wing, and you insisted that you follow and feed only him.

I wanted to stick to the "one bag of feed per visit" rule, but what else could I do when I saw the 
compassion in your eyes as you struggled in the tension between your heart to serve and 
your desire to obey?

We just had to go and get another bag.

It is so awesome to sit on the benches with you and wrap ourselves in a blanket of 
God's incredible work. 
It is awesome to watch you grow bigger and bigger in size and heart waddling on the same rocks 
I've been waddling and growing on for over a decade.

It is awesome to have yet another place in your life where brokenness is beautiful, 
love and trust are pivotal, and peace is abounding.

Only in Him could our lives be full of such splendor.