about "school"...


All along I was going to post your school stuff for you.
I planned to show something each week...
a mom can dream.


We're already well over a month in and I have not 
shared anything "school" here.


I did a quick little once through with my camera this week
in hopes of getting to it soon.


This was your favorite thing so far.
Creating a book. 
A creation book to be exact. :)

We need to start another book soon.
I alway want to keep on with the things you are into the most.


These are some of your work pages from My Father's World.
I leave them with you to do on your own a few times a week. 
We go over them and put them in your binder when you are finished. 

It's good practice working on your own.
Reason #435 why I'm so grateful we took a step back 
and decided on kindergarten this year.


I love that anytime you write on your own 
(thank you cards, stories, letters, 
invites to your room parties, etc...)
It can be added to your records and counted as school.


Your art is SO cute and creative.
It's great the way that you combine what you 
are reading, learning, or playing at the time into what you draw.


Our experience with school this year has been so good.

I'm learning that the less I stress and  concern myself with details 
the better things go. (isn't that always?)

I'm also learning how much of our life is already "school"
in that you/we have made a lot of learning through everyday activities.

I'm seeing first hand through your education (and my own re-education) 
what I've suspected about the difference between learning God 
and really knowing God. 

Learning something has happened for me when someone else 
(teacher, preacher, author, speaker) 
has turned over something of their own knowledge to me. 

I feel like really knowing something has only ever happened for me when I
experience it in the intimate setting of my personal day to day life...

when it becomes heart and not just mind.

I feel like you have "learned" things at your "school" table 
during the past couple of years.
And that is good.

But this year, I feel like we're learning what we are expected to learn
and then enjoying the adventures of getting to know what we can
connect to even more through experience.

And so far, that is seemingly much more fun and effective!

Even I can say that I lov scool. 

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  1. I love the pictures and what he draws and writes... soooo Zeek-like! The little boy comes out in them. Great that you can capture this to look back on! So much better than the poorly kept paper files I had for you!
    Keep up the good work, both of you :)
    Love Mom/Gra