being stretched

I had a rough start to the week working out my supplements/unbalanced hormones, running on four and five hours of sleep a night, and catching up from two weeks full to the brim with a double thick homeschool schedule, play date after field trip after long lists of must-dos in between.

I felt badly when I found myself writing about your love and forgiveness in my gratitude journal, praying at the dinner table for your continued patience, and thanking you for how wonderful you had been in dealing with my low tolerance, bad attitude, and all around poor behavior.

You and your Daddy are SO good to me.

This was the photo he sent me of myself after our morning skype just hours before things began to turn around for the better.

And that was just how I was feeling. :)

This photo really lifted me up. I almost made it my background on my laptop that morning.  It made me laugh. Face stretchers have a way of doing that to me.

Sometimes, if you don't laugh you have to cry.

Thank you, Zeek.
You and your Dad.
For bringing me so much happiness.
Even when I feel like a frog. ;)

1 comment:

  1. i might have to do some face stretchers over here.
    when you started your climb back up,
    i'm afraid i may have taken a turn for the worse. :(
    so glad you are feeling better.