genetic inclination?

When your Aunt Kim was little she was sent to her bedroom for misbehaving. After a time she floated a handwritten letter down the stairwell to her mother. 
It read:

Dear Mom,
I hate you.

Last week you landed yourself, along with your big britches, in your bedroom for a couple of hours. I guilted myself for the first quarter of it as I ironed in complete peace and quiet. Then I aligned myself with the fact that when I was grounded to my bedroom as a kid my parents probably didn't sit outside my door feeling badly that they might otherwise be enjoying our "away" time . For all I know, they went out to eat! :)

After about an hour of your time out I put down my work for a bathroom break. As I rounded the corner to the hallway I noticed two pieces of paper laying on the steps just feet from one another. The messages were as follows:


Translated: May I come down?
(the inside of this folded paper was full of drawings and stickers)

story here:

"DiD Yoo giT Mi PreziNT"
Translated: Did you get my present?

And of course I had a mama moment. A good laugh, a warmed heart, a proud hop up the steps to hold you and tell you all about Auntie Kim's letter to Nanna.
This also got you off the hook for about 30 seconds. But before you even made it down the stairs you were sent back to your room for your lip. 

Oh that lip of yours... 
Maybe if you just wrote it all down and floated it down the stairwell it would get you in less trouble. ;)

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  1. WAY too funny!!!! Zeek AND Kim!!!!!