NC spring '11: part two -Crowders Mountain

About a mile from your Gra and Pepere's house is a lake.

The lake is at the foot of a beautiful mountain called Crowders.

We all agreed a great big YES to climbing to the top of 
Crowders Mountain during this visit.

It was a gorgeous day for hiking.

You were very pleased, walking hand-in-hand, 
taking turns between your Gra and Pepere.

And they were proud to have you.

Pepere was glad to show you the ropes!

You were grateful for the bench stops...

and your big strong Pepere's shoulders.

The top was breathtaking! 

We stayed awhile, climbing around, taking in all the views.

We were higher than the birds soaring bellow!

It was quite an accomplishment for a little fellow.

I was one proud Meam.

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  1. Looks beautiful!!! And warm! :)