NC spring '11: part one

Still at home, you came downstairs sporting these lovelies:

Gra's slippers left behind from her last visit. 
You've kept them tucked in the drawer of your roll-top desk in your room.

I knew exactly who was on your mind as we packed our bags that morning.

You were adorable with your little red carry-on
and Lightening McQueen backpack stuffed with cats.

Our travels went well.

We were blessed to meet some awesome people 
which made the trip extra special.

Once in NC, we were met quickly, curb-side,
by an excited Gra and Pepere who whisked us off
to our favorite restaurant in Charlotte, 
On The Boarder! 

At the house we unpacked and then went for a walk
to see what the ground looks like without snow...
we had forgotten.

(a photo taken by you on our walk)

1 comment:

  1. awwww!
    i love the photo of you, lora.
    your hair is longer than i can remember it being in quite a while!