a homeschool boy's journal: week one

I have been thinking on ways that I could get you involved with this scrap-blog full of you, since you are such a cute and good writer.
Sue @ The Homeschool Chick
, hosts a weekly "homeschool mother's journal" with writing prompts. 
I think this would be a fun thing to join in on, only we will do a "homeschool boy's journal", allowing YOU answer the questions each week. 
I'm hopeful that this will get you thinking back on your week, recalling things you've done, taking evaluation and offering ideas and questions about your schooling. 

The Homeschool Mother's Journal

So here goes your first week:
(answers by Zeek)

In my life this week...
I wrote one napkin, six knives, seven forks, 13 spoons, 1000 trucks, 20 signs, 30 cars, four boots. That's all. 

In homeschool this week...
I want to do a thing that we never do and it is Politeness Piggy Cards. 

Places we have gone this week...

Store. Supermarket. We went to little gym. We went to Applebees. That's as far as I can resume back. 

People we have seen this week...This week we saw Teri, Manny, Little, Carole... 

My favorite thing this week was...
Playing with the pug and my mom's birthday.  

What's working for me...
You playing with me, you snuggling me, you everything!

Homeschool questions/thoughts I have...
I want to love you in school, but you will not let me. Gotcha! That's it! 

A photo, video, link, or quote to share...

This is a book that Zeek likes to listen to on CD. 
Each week he reads a few pages from the book himself. This new practice has been an asset in skill building. It guides and provides him with the experience of reading out loud with feeling and expression. 
It is also a great confidence builder!

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