Today, you were purring pleased to wake up to this:

As the morning went on this beautiful mama, 
who showed signs of feeling much better, 
was not as often found resting with her four babies 
as she was getting closer to your mama. 

We got these cats from the Humane Society Animal Shelter. 

We are not keeping them, 
as you well know and have agreed to. 
We are fostering them for five weeks 
until they are big and strong enough to be 
placed for adoption back at the Shelter. 

We have constructed a 4'x16' living space for them on our lower level
using carpet remnant over tile and two huge unused storm windows. 
The cats are also lined on the opposite side with two sets of 
sliding glass doors to the great woods out back. 
It really does look like a cat aquarium. :)

The mama is about three years old, and all of her babies are boys. 
They were found stray, outdoors, huddled together in the cold. 
The mama cat looks as if she hasn't eaten much 
since the babies were born, three weeks ago! 
We were given special food and instructions on 
how to nurse her back to good health. 
She is doing very well and has an awesome personality.

So far, they have all been wonderful! 
SO sweet and tiny and playful! 
We've done a lot of skyping with family and friends 
who love to watch with us as the kittens 
play, eat, and wobble about. :)

Your Dad and I are so happy for you to have such an awesome experience. 
t will be so good for you not only to cuddle and play with these animals, 
but to love, care for, learn about, watch healing and growing, 
and release them to new homes with the help of the Humane Society. 
And surely only to bring in more new furry friends, and repeat! 

So fun and exciting! 
And surprise gift from Jesus,
this little prize of five came on your long awaited half-birthday!

Happy Half-Birthday, my sweet little five and a half year old. 
I love you a mew-llion!


  1. I *love* that you're doing this, and doing it SO WELL! (I'm Emily's friend, & I run a cat rescue in St. Louis. So I know first-hand how important and helpful you are to your humane society. Fostering is the best thing you can do for these kitties awaiting their forever homes.) Thank you from all of us in the animal rescue field!

  2. Did I mention "CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"???? :)