Easter 2011

This Easter was really special. 

We began our trip to the cross with an Easter Devotional 
(a sort of easter advent) from Ann
Each reading, each day was filled with scripture, 
reflections, and activities to partake in. 
This was a beautiful daily reminder of what we were leading up to. 

I had a bit of an epiphany when I started to wonder why
I've struggled in the past so much with easter baskets, 
colored eggs, bunnies, and hunts... 
when left to plan our Easter myself for the first time ever 
I was allowing these things in without a second thought.  

Not only did I realized this year that Jesus is always here for the celebrating, 
I also learned that when the heart of our holiday is in the Hands of God 
-when we've intentionally made Him the center focus- 
all the fluff becomes icing rather than the threat of becoming the whole cake.
Although we enjoyed the "icing" this year, there was absolutely no confusion. 

I was blessed with the help of a blog I stumbled across 
(by no accident, I am sure). 
Lacy posted some great resources and even created and shared 
a resurrection story craft, which we LOVED.

We used this finished craft for a play we recorded.

We downloaded and read The Very First Easter for free. 

On Friday afternoon you and went to church. 
The service we attended was intended for "Good" Friday, 
to honor the day that Jesus died. 
We all parted in complete silence. 
It was perfect. 

On Saturday, I couldn't help but remember...

Even at the Easter Party with food, games,

and the great candy toss.

I was grateful for the grey and rainy sky.

For the first time in my life, I really felt like I was remembering what He went through during that week, reliving it in a way.

On Sunday, we celebrated! 
The heavy was lifted and the SUN FINALLY CAME OUT!!!

You got an Easter basket from your Daddy and I for the first time.

You and I made this with Daddy in the audience:

Our closest family/friends came over for 

a "bond"fire, 

egg hunt, 

and beautiful Easter dinner. 

I thought two holidays in a row was too good to hope for, but we were so blessed to have them, again. 

And these are the people who God has given us. Who know our lives, inside and out. 

Who we know, back. 

And the love never threatens to stop. 

Unconditional and always true. 

Blessings we hold dear and never take for granted.

Praise God for the Gift of His Life, 
and the Gift of eternal life In Him!

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