of cats and pigeons

This past week you were pretty sick Monday night through Thursday morning.
You had a terribly soar throat and ran a fever. 

On Wednesday you spiked a 104.5 (gave me a slight heart attack even though I know
they don't recommend bringing you in until nearing 106, at your age).
We were able to break the fever with a cool bath. 
Which, immediately following, I made you an appointment with your Doctor. 

The Doctor tested you for strep and the test was positive.
You were up and driving me crazy by Thursday. 
Now, your Daddy has it. :(

Since I have very little from the week to share here, the following will just
be some highlights from the week before.   

You came up with this silly, crazy idea of turning your stuffed cats into your arms.
You thought this was SO funny. 
EVERYTHING with your cats is SO funny to you!
It was kind of funny, though. 

And of course, Angry Cat looked like "a pigeon without ears".
That is your favorite thing to say about her.

We set up our bird feeders which are taking a beating from Mr. Squirrel.
But I don't have the heart to do anything about it but keep securing the rods
and adding the food to the feeders. 
You think this squirrel is Peanut Butter, from our old house.
And that makes you happier than any old bird ever could.
You watch Peanut Butter II for as long as he will stay. 
I still love to watch you watch him. 

One day you did see a bird on the feeder and you yelled.
"MOM! It's a black capped chickadee!"
All thanks to Gra's bird teachings. :)

You have been sleeping in your room through the nights and RIGHT straight
into the morning PAST the time I wake up. HEAVEN!!! 
(now don't go changing because I mentioned it here. i've been holding off in fear)

One morning I came out of my bedroom and found you sitting at the table
reading this book aloud, with a glass of juice with ice and a straw, 
the muffin jar from the kitchen counter,
and a lemon poppy seed muffin on a plate with a butter knife!

It was the cutest thing ever! 
So individual and self sufficient.

I'll never forget the morning I went down to see how the cats were doing
and you were already down there watching the Mom eat,
keeping her kittens away from her because you felt she should eat in peace.

I watched you watch her wondering how you can find SO much 
joy in just looking at animals... they make you smile and laugh the best!

You looked up at me and said surprised, 
"hey, you know I made sure all the animals ate this morning
and I forgot all about me!" 

Welcome to your first glimpse of parenthood beautiful. 
You are SUCH a good caretaker of all our pets!

Speaking of those rascals... the cat and kittens are doing VERY well.

We've still only named this one.


Because he DOES do the most climbing, 
therefore he does do the most booming.
He is my favorite of the kittens.

I had my work cut out for me this week trying to devise ways to keep 
those ever growing, oh so curious babies from getting out of their aquarium!
Oo, they are crafty fellows!

The Mom cat is SO polite.
She comes upstairs sometimes. 
She is VERY smart. Kind of creepy smart.

Like, somehow she knows not to go in the master bedroom, 
even though she's never gone in there to even be shooed out. 
Did she hear me and your Daddy talking about this rule?

She and Yuki have come to an understanding.
They do sit or walk near one another, 
but the Mom has complete mind control over the pug.
Not ONE indication to the naked eye or ear and that dog is putty! 
It's awesome. 

I do love, and am going to miss that "loco robo-gato"
as you lovingly refer to her as.  

We have had them for 2.5 weeks and we will have the pleasure 
of caring for them for another 2.5.
This week, we will have to take them all in to the shelter for their shots.

Should be fun!

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