the sorted tale of pizza head

a time travel post from 4/07

One day, Pizza Head was fallin' in love with his napkin,

and then he pooh-poohed

 ~to make room for more pitzi, of course~

And there on, 

refused to sit on his bumpus.

Later, that same day,
~with a shiny clean bottom~
Pizza Head watched his Mama replace the screen on their
sliding patio door, wherein he learned to do it himself.

His practice was cut short though, by dreamy thoughts of 
pizza cutting with his new mini pizza cutter.


After day dreaming, nap time dreaming, and a quick tub time, 
Pizza Head was asked to hang his towel up.

His Mama always hangs his towel in his bedroom closet 
on the diaper bag hooks. 
She was sure that her baby Pizza Head didn't know this, 
but she was hoping to occupy him as she cleaned up from his bath.

Though he came up with his own hook in the closet, 
she was amazed how observant and skillful he was...

Pizza Head had some shaggy mowhawk left in his hair. 
So he went to see Cory, his Mama's hair guy, to get it fixed.

While in the salon, he tried to convince his chauffeur (mama) 
that he needed a new hair product.

She didn't give.

Shaggy Pizza Head was not very happy about all of 
Cory's salon contraptions.

He was particularly against having the clippers used on him!

He offered some terms and conditions 
to which his Mama and Cory agreed. 
Then he had his hair did while sitting on his Mama's lap, 
watching Pocoyo on her lap top, 
eating cereal from his Chucki Cheese snack dish.

Spoiled King Pizza Head landed with no more shaggy, 
in a hair style much like his Daddy's.

Way to go Cory!

Pizza Head loves looking like his Daddy,
and dragging him around the house by his shirt yelling,
"Daddy coming!"

He also loves giggling at his Mama for allowing him 
to sit on her lap to have his hair cut.

Pizza Head loves to get his way.

(a precious repost from the babyzeek.com archives)

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  1. So cute... it is fun to look at him then and see the Zeek parts shining through his little personality that are all still there today. Great to have those detailed memories and pics to cherish! I love it.