A School-ish Update

Although we do split our text/book work and hands-on learning about 50/50, 
I am not particularly a fan of the "unschooling" philosophy as a whole. 
To each their own, for sure. It's just never been my preference for you.

I will say, however, that lately I've been seeing the way that learning 
can naturally unfold on it's own in more ways than I though possible. 

You have such a spongy, open, young mind 
that just naturally thinks outside the box. 
You're willing to grab onto things and explore them in depth. 
We would miss a lot of learning opportunities if it weren't for you.

We went to lunch last week, and on the back of your kids' placemat 
were the directions on how to make your own guitar out of a box, 
rubber bands, empty paper towel roll and popsicle sticks. 
I thought nothing of it.

The next morning you asked me to help you find all of those things 
so you could make one. We gathered the materials and you 
made it on your own from memory. 

You make activity books with mazes and word finds in them. 

You bought your own Glow Explosion with your allowance 
and you had a blast for hours in the dark bathroom with it. 

You write stories and letters for people without being asked. 
You measure everything, journal and photograph, 
theorize, ask and debate all on your own.

The other day, over lunch, you asked me about diseases 
and how people get them. When we exhausted the conversation you said,

"alright, enough about diseases, let's talk parasites." 

You went on to asked me how a dog gets parasites. 
I told you they generally get them from being around another dog 
who has parasites. To which you chewed and then asked 
how THAT dog got his parasites.

There's no slowing you down. ;) 

You have fallen in love with the Mama cat who, 
despite the unintentional abuse she endures in being
carried around by you most of the day,
seems to be mutually smitten with you.

I mention this, because every morning after you
make the rounds and feed all the animals in the house,
you can be found someplace cozy, reading to that cat.

People ask me all the time what your favorite subject is. 
I always say math, because it is considered more of a real subject. 

You LOVE math, and are SUPER good with numbers. 
I am amazed at how good you are at problem solving on your own!

But, the truth is your FAVORITE subject is still definitely anything art.

You make this art area almost everyday in the kitchen. 
And yes, that cat lays on those stools that you put there 
just for her, all the while you are drawing.

She's always laying somewhere on the kitchen floor,
and one day you just plunked down on the floor
and drew her. :)

You love sand art,

and collage art...

These are from a supplemental art program we bought for you. 
It is called Draw, Write Now
There are eight books with lessons including 
"how to" drawing instructions, and relevant copywriting.

You love them and are so good at them. 
I love seeing your art.

I also love to take a peek at your gratefulness journal.

You memorize one scripture a week.

And when you're not doing school stuff,

you're drawing,

and drawing some more. :)


  1. Your son sounds perfect. :) Love the pictures of him and the cat.

  2. He's amazing, Lisa. But certainly not perfect. ;) We have a stop light that's been on yellow for days, and we had a melt down last night that led to half his toys being bagged and put in the basement storage for two weeks.

    They're all learning and growing under the provision of their imperfect parents. I'd love to pretend it turns out perfect everyday around here, but it doesn't. I hope I don't give the false impression of perfection.
    However, this is his baby book of sorts, and I try not to include the worst of things unless I think it would be good for he (and maybe his future wife) to look back on. :) Thank you for visiting and leaving your kind comment. I'm 99% sure you just meant he seems pretty great, but I wanted to cover my bases. The only thing perfect going on around here is God. :)

    Blessings. Lora

  3. Lol Lora. Yes, that's what I meant. He's perfect for you and seems like a great kid. I know that the only thing perfect is God. I recently started following your other blog, and this blog popped up on my dashboard. :) Many blessings!