Three weeks ago, we ordered caterpillar pupa 
and a butterfly garden from Insect Lore.

Our babies arrived within the week
with special instructions to leave them be
and watch them eat, quickly grow enormous
and then hang from the lid on their cup
to form their chrysalises. 

This is the picture you drew in your 
nature journal of their first stage.

Much to my surprise, they did just as they were supposed to! 

You drew another ADORABLE picture in your journal:

and we transfered them to their netted house
and waited again for the next stage...


They emerged in the night, so we were not 
able to see them come out.

We did see them first thing in the morning,
fluttering around in their home, 
waiting for us to feed them! :)

You drew another photo:

Three days later we took them into our
screen room and let them out.

We spent some time gently playing with them
and photographing them.

Then we opened the door to let them fly out
to complete their life cycle.

Something we will definitely do again.


  1. I loved these photos...
    We did this a while back and this make me want to watch the process again...never ceases to amaze me.

  2. I love the "caterpillar hang" picture! Soooooo perfectly captured. Wow he is quite the artist!
    Love Gra

  3. Oh how awesome..we have done this before and I loved it, just so great. I have grown plants to be eaten so we would be able to have caterpillars and butterflies...I need to order, since I can't find any and do this with my five year old...great pictures, you so caught it.

  4. I just love this!!! I love how you are documenting his life.......so awesome!!

  5. Let's talk parasite....

    TOO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)