a forever cat

All the while, I was so sure that God was
making it most convenient for us to not have a cat.
Allowing us to foster, but seeing to it
that our two favorite cats, the mom and Nimble,
were spoken for from the start.

I guess this is what I get for teaching you
to petition God for whatever your heart desires.

Two days after we brought the mom cat and her kittens 
back to the shelter to have their baby-making parts removed
and be adopted, we decided to visit. 
You had been talking about the kittens a lot,
and I figured it would be good for you to see they were happy.

Much to our surprise, the mom cat
who was supposed to be adopted by her rescuer days before, 
was still there!

She was hiding under a cage in a room she wasn't supposed to be in, 
scared, hurting from surgery, and lost.
Sadly, she was probably searching for her kittens.

After we saw her, we talked with the staff about what had happened
only to learn that the rescuer never came for her!!!

My plan was to drive home, pray, sleep on a decision, 
and then go back and get her when I was in my right mind about it.

We went to the Jeep to call your Daddy for permission/advice.
He said that he was surprised we ever brought her back, 
and asked us not to wait...to please go inside and get our cat.

That was enough for me. 
We immediately adopted her and brought her home with us!

We named her Ming.

When I asked you if you thought that was a good name
you said, no.
Then you hopped off the couch saying,
"let me ask her".

You crouched down by her under the chair
and said, 
"would you like to be named Ming?"

You laughed in surprise and said,
"Yep! She likes Ming. That's her name, Mom."

Your just a little smitten with having your own real cat.

The two of you are back to being inseparable;
inside, outside, upstairs, down, watching movies
doing art... you even take her to bed with you.
She's pretty happy to be back in your arms.

We're all pretty happy to have our girl back.
Even Yuki.

This is the way you told the story for me to write today:

"We had to go to the cat's shelter to play with the kittens,
because they are so cuddly. 

Then I found my very first cat
and it was the Mom.
We got it, and now it sleeps with me.
It is my forever cat.
The End."


  1. Look at that last picture of your son and the cat. There is NO doubt that they belong together. God is so good!

  2. How beautiful...your little boy, so natural with the new member of the family. Animals bring such love..and Joy!! Ming is unusual and special, bless you all.
    AND greetings from Queensland. Australia.