parting is such sweet sorrow...

Yesterday morning, we brought our half-grown kitties and their Mom
into the Humane Society where we fostered them out of.
It was their big day to be spade, neutered, and placed for adoption.

The gentleman who rescued them requested 

that he be allowed to adopt the Mom.
We were SO grateful to know that he would be 
picking her up and taking her to her new forever-home
just hours after her surgery.

Though, It was a bittersweet parting... 

I expected that you might struggle letting go of the kittens. 
But it was losing the Mom that really hurt. 

I was more surprised when even I squirt a couple of tears over her.
She made herself such a part of our lives these past 5 weeks.

We're happy for her to have a good place to go.

As of today, all the kittens are well, 
and on display in the kitty bungalow at the shelter 
awaiting their adoptive families. 

The following are the write-ups and some photographs we supplied them with
for posting information about each little fur-ball.

Their information will be removed from the adoption page
immediately after they are chosen by their new families. 

We will be keeping a close eye on them as we pray for 
their adoptions to come quickly! 


Boomer got his name early on. He’s tough and fearless. Before the other kittens from his litter were old enough to stunt, Boomer was climbing to the highest place he could climb and wildly jumping off. He’s entertaining, to say the least.
Boomer is the kitten who gets the most laughs. He is always the one in the back of the room giving the watchful eye for the human kitten cuddlers. He’s not quite yet ready to throw in the towel on all his youthful exploring for snuggling and baby talk. But he’s just SO fun to snuggle!


imble is, well… nimble. He’s quick, lively and agile. He’s sleek and graceful like a panther. Not to mention he is one BEAUTIFUL boy!He’s the life of the party, and he loves to check everything out.Nimble is SO friendly and sweet. He LOVES to play with people. His imagination is adorable. One minute he’s stalking a pretend mouse, and the next he is practicing his pounce all over a piece of lint. He’ll pause only for something shiny that makes a sound… oh, and for a little loving. He’s SUPER cuddly!


 Tufty is a kind and gentle kitten.  He’s cautious in nature and enjoys being cared for. He likes to have one-on-one attention, and is not a cat who will show off or hog the spot light. He humbly hangs back and lets his brother kittens be the center of attention.
ufty is calm and so fun to cuddle with. He really likes to be sung and talked to. He’s a sweet little fur ball of love!


 Crumpet is the sweetest, warmest, fuzziest little love bug. All he wants to do is snuggle, CLOSE. He is patient and tender hearted. When you hold him he will lean in and lay still for as long as you will have him. When he was a baby his Mama would call him and his siblings to nurse, and they would all go running to her, except for Crumpet. If he was snuggling with one of us he would completely ignore his meal. Crumpet would rather go hungry than leave a cuddling human.
 really is a special little treat!

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  1. Awww, those babies are so cute and getting SO big too! And I REALLY like how the story turns out best! ;))))