A Day with Gwin at Gwen's

Today was beautiful outside!

You and I headed over to be with Gwin at about 11a. 
I let the three horses out to pasture for about 30 minutes.

We had a little lunch in the Jeep while we watched the horses, 
and then I told you to come with me to shag them off the pasture. 
I closed the door to the Jeep just as I looked down at the locked lock inside. 

So, we played with Gwin a little. 
Then at about 1p I called Gwen to see if she was near, and she was not. 
I called Miss Teri to see if she was near, and she was not, either. 
So, we decided to walk home so we could eat and play before someone came 
around who could drive us back to the Jeep with the key.

We had such a great adventure! 
Thankfully we booth had our boots on, because we did NOT take the roads. 
We cut straight through the acres between our place and Gwen's. 
It was so fun. 

We hiked up, down, through woods, across tilled fields, over a creek! 

It reminded me of when I was a kid and would go off exploring in the woods.

It took us about 45 minutes to get home. We did some stuff around the house, 
ate and were back at the farm, thanks to Gwen by 3:45p.

I groomed and saddled Gwin. 
Then I led her with you on her out to the hills behind Gwen's house. 
We switched, and I rode her up and down the tree hill three times 
while you played in the yard. Then we headed back to the round pen. 
I rode her a bit over the poles, trotting and walking. 
Then I led you around on her quite a bit.

I un-saddled her, groomed her out and turned her out to pasture with her new friends.
We headed home for dinner and family night. 

It was a good day. 

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