Easter in Door County

We went to Door County for four days over Easter.

Of course, that means we went to Al Johnson's for breakfast every morning. :)

We did a lot of fun celebration things for Easter, too. 
These are the bees you made with the play dough you got as one
of your hidden gifts around the condo. (We accidentally left your 
toy chest packed and ready to go at home)

You and Sarita colored and decorated eggs.

You also had a resurrection egg hunt with an Easter story following. 
Your Dad and I made and hid easter baskets for you and Sarita. 

And we filled almost 150 plastic eggs with candy, jokes, and love notes for you. 
Sarita and I hid them all around the condo and outside while you and your Dad were out.

Then you hunted them out, with Sarita following you around with the collection bag.

 It was lots of fun!

I was grateful for the time away as a family. 
It was relaxing, fun filled, and Christ centered. 

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