madison horse fair

We went to the Midwest Horse Fair in Madison, WI last weekend. 

We left early on Friday morning and made it to the first presentation by 9am. 
You sat very nicely thought Parelli's Seven Games.

Then you scarfed down a pretzel between shows. 
Next, we went to a presentation about gating and biting horses. 

After that show we went to the Juniors beginning roping show. 
You really liked that. There were little kids riding their horses, learning to rope. 
But you were hungry.
So we left that show early for some lunch!

After lunch we went shopping at the expo. 
There were LOTS of vendors. 
 We bought our stuff and headed out for the night.

We stayed with Miss Emily and family. 
The first night you all played and watched a movie upstairs. 

The next day it was outdoors, backyard play, walking, going to the park,
and then you and I left for the Horse Fair again at about 5pm. 

We got in for the Epic Night of the Horse show with plenty 
of time to spare. We got hotdogs for you.
Then, we hooked up with my Aunt Judy, 
Uncle Terry and their daughters. 
We got to visit awhile, and then it was too our seats! 

The show was AMAZING. 
You loved every second of the three hour
no intermission, action packed, horse filled show.

When it was about half through you turned to me and 
asked if it was over. 
When I told you no, you surprised me and responded, 
"whew... good!"

On the return ride to Emily's house you said from the backseat, 
"I've never known what to say when people ask me
what I want to be when I grow up. Now I know what to say:

Then next day you and the boys played soccer. 
The mama's visited and made a fun snack lunch.

Then we went to the boys soccer games at the park. 

I could tell you had enough of being around so 
many other kids for so long.
You were reaching for some alone time
and some mama time, too.
We got to cuddle, take a run together, and watch
the games from the side lines. 
It was fun.

After the games we all went to a place called 
AJ Bombers, where they drop peanuts on you
from little "bombers" overhead. 

We had some DELICIOUS food and drinks. 
Then we said our good byes.

I wrote our names on the wall "Nibs + Mama" and showed you in secret. 

It was the perfect ending to such a great weekend with friends
and at the Horse Fair. 
We returned home safe and sound late that evening, 
SO ready to see our horse first thing in the morning! 

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