If I don't write something, I never will. I always want to go back and recap for you where I left off. 

For now I'm just going to write on today. I'll "catch up" later, if I get around to it. 

We are back to school as of yesterday. You were not looking forward to it, but by mid-day you said, 
"Maybe I don't hate school like I thought I did." 
I could have told you that. :)

I think this was just the first time you ever really needed a break. 
We all did. It was the perfect timing. 

Many things in our home and family have changed greatly over the past month. 
We know that you don't realize how or why. And it's okay if you never do. 

We know that you know we have been hurting. I pray you have no idea how terribly. 
Nanna has helped us keep you from so much of what you don't deserve or need to go through with us. That's why you have spent so much time with her lately. She has been our God send for you. Never forget that God always takes good care of us.

It is our determination for a better life, home, and family for you that has given us much of the strength and hope to work so hard on what we are striving for.  

We're so grateful to God that the transitions have been smooth and seemingly undisturbing for you. 
We're also very happy that your upbringing is going to be much healthier, giving you a more stable foundation to grow from. 

I'm not sure how you caught on to it, but you've coined it perfectly a few times, and you couldn't be more right; you are finally a kid.

It brings tears to my eyes. It's so true. 
You deserve to be a kid, Zeek. 

We each deserve the blessings that are showing from becoming whole and well together in this family. 

I love you, babe. 

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